Video: Corvette ZR1 LPE vs Nissan GT-R P800

You have to hand it to the Russians, aside from their love of Vodka and the freezing cold winters they Ruskies definitely know how to use their high performance machines. Take this series of on highway acceleration competitions for example, using the trusty three beeps of the horn and away we go method the owner of this Lingenfelter Performance Engineering tuned Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1 hands it to the 800 HP all wheel drive modified Nissan GT-R complete with Switzer P800 package. The GT-R does manage to out accelerate the ZR-1 in one of the races, but it is partly due to a healthy lead before the start of the race. In the end it is the American steel, the Detroit iron that shows who is king of the Russian highways.


it seems that Corvette is better than GTR.

definitely GT-R (Godzilla) will only smoke corvette, but in this race corvette wins by lean advanced.

I don’t mean that the MK3 Prelude wasn’t a great car - I even referenced it in a previous submission as one of my personal favorites (see "Toyota Corolla Tops Ford Focus in Cash for Clunkers Sales"). It’s just not anything to dream about.

First off, real hood scoops are great for your engine. Of course, those mud flaps are good for my other engine. Mmm...

A hood scoop? Gee, maybe some mudflaps with some chrome plated silhouetted babes would have been nice as well... You probably know (as your omnipitence is diaphanous) that the 89 Prelude ran through RnT’s slalom at 66 mph - faster than Porche, Ferrari, etc - and at 36 mpg. Love to have Honda bring it back and do it all over again - as long as they didn’t muck it up like they did with some of the other years’ models.

Thanks for the thoughts. In regards to the LF-A, there hasn’t been any news for a month or so, but its recent Nurburgring time of 7:13 is unprecedented. Interesting question for someone with a Prelude for an ID. I mean, it’s not even the 4WS model, so you at least could have thrown in some nice rims, a spoiler or a hood scoop for good measure.

Uncia, once again your sagacious, salient remarks impress. I’ve been monitoring this site for some time and you’re on the money with amazing consistency. In reference to supercars, what’s your take on the latest developments concerning the LFA?

The GT-R is today what the turbo Supra was in the 90’s and the original Corvette in the 50’s/60’s - the world’s greatest all-around sports car.

Agreed. Besides, it wasn’t a fair comparison, as both were far from stock... who’s to say that the Vette wasn’t more heavily modified than the GT-R? If both were stock and if Nurburgring times mean anything, the Nissan would have slautered the Chevy on any twisted piece of asphault.

ummm, a gtr is not meant for incredibly fast speeds. Take the two of them and race them on side streets and more common roads and the GTR will make a quick meal of the American piece of $hit

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