Video: Crazy Drifting with Arabs and their family sedans

Everyone knows - or at least should know - that getting behind the wheel carries with it a serious responsibility for your life and the life of anyone else in the vehicle. However, it seems that there are some "adventurous" and more or less moronic people out there with little regard to other people’s safety. Take these drift-crazy asswipes as an example.

Cars like the Honda Accord , the Hyundai Sonata , and the Toyota Camry are typically produced as people pushers, some guys in Middle East have found another way to enjoy their family vehicles.

The drivers in this video simply ignored the heavy traffic and started showing off their crazy drifting skills. Take your eyes off of the drifting madness and you can see all kinds of cars, including trucks, around these maniacs. Some people just shouldn’t be allowed to get behind the wheel.


I don’t think that they should do this, for the fact that they are on the public road. It is so dangerous! The driver is a frustrated racer, I guess!

These people are absolutely so crazy! However, I would admit that I’m kind of impressed on how drift the car is. That is really so amazing for Honda, Hyundai and Toyota!

Yeah! I have to agree with that, and even though it is a professional driver, I don’t think that he had the rights to drive like a brutal person, especially on the public road.

Even though it’s only for adventure I don’t think that they should do this, for the fact that they are on the public road. It is so dangerous! The driver is a frustrated racer, I guess!

I was so scared for these crazy people! Riyadh, should not allow this to happen, even if the driver had a license. Driving in this speed is big No-no either with me, they are so reckless.

I have to agree with you a35md, these people are not sensible! They are freaks and true crazy, I don’t know why Riyadh tolerates the craziness of these people! Well, for others it may be usual for them to drive a car like this but for me it’s a big No-no!

Very nice performance of this car. I want to learn like this kind of drifting. I love drifting. This Video is true crazy.

Most of the people who do this kind of drifting are either drug addicts or criminals, they steal cars and go out of town and have a drifting contest and it always ends bad when a drifter loses control and drive through the crowds and then what do you get?? about 5 dead body’s !!! and btw this is all in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

what a shame! you guys break my heart when you post something like this. actually those people are in my city, the bad bad site of it, I believe the only people (few fuc... people) drift like this (if you want to call it drifting) are SaudiArabians, I always wonder why?? and the most of the cars are stolen or rentals. always ask my self why the police or the government do not do any thing at all to guide them? they have too much energy so the only thing can do is just drifting (because of too much cars). now I’m speechless o_o wasted youth!

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