Video: Crysler's reinvention continues with new Jeep commercial

After a year of having its share of ups and downs - more on the latter, actually - Chrysler is in the middle of reinventing itself with the hopes of returning to its former place as a competitor in the auto industry. As part of their efforts, the US brand is aggressively marketing both its Jeep and Dodge brands with a series of carefully-planned commercials to ensure consumers that the rough patches have passed, and that the company has come back better and stronger than ever before.
As part of this campaign, Chrysler has released a number of commercials featuring the all-new 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee with the latest one being appropriately called, "Stronger".

In the ad, Chrysler details the painstaking lengths that go in building Jeep’s new flagship SUV while carefully pointing out the importance of the vehicle in the company’s attempt to restore the brand’s image and reputation. As the ad ever-so poignantly says, Chrysler isn’t "building just a car, it’s building a company."

Source: Jeep


Yeah the commercial also reminded me of a Transformers Movie. I thought they were using BumbleBee haha. But anyway, is literally known for making good quality and strong cars.

the way they construct the Jeep is somewhat building a robot from a transformer

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