Video: Daniel Simon's Schmidt Hydra Coupe from “Captain America”

Captain America: The First Avenger” was chock-full of loads of action, but one thing automotive junkies couldn’t get enough of was the triple-axle car that Red Skull – the villain – drove in the movie. Though a lot of the scenes in the movie that showed the car were computer-generated, there was actually a real-life example of this beast built, and we found a video showing it in all of its glory.

The Schmidt Hydra Coupe is touted in the movie as being powered by a V-16 Supercharged engine and fueled by a power cube. In real life, however, this massive machine boasted a V-8 Ford engine pulled from a drag car. Taking its styling from the Mercedes 540K , Mercedes G4 Offroader, various Bentleys and Duesenbergs , this tank on wheels is both retro and futuristic at the same time.

It measures in at a massive 7.62 meters (25 feet), boasts six wheels, which is thanks to it being based on a truck chassis. This massive hunk of car is draped in a high-gloss red paint, matching its owner’s skull, and features massive white-wall tires.

It’s a pretty impressive build for a one-off movie car and we’re sure to see it at an auction one day. We’ll have to keep a keen eye out for it, so we can get together all of the details for you.

Until then, enjoy the above video showing us various parts of this awesomely crafted vehicle.

Source: YouTube


I don’t have any interest on classic and vintage vehicles, but when I watch the movie; I saw how great this car was.

I’ve downloaded this video to show it on home where my kids are one of the fans of this mighty avenger character.

Daniel Simon has this great coupe and it deserves a recognition.

I like the movie Captain America. I love that coupe for it looks luscious and intimidating.

The classic looks determine the age of the World war, where Captain America exists.

I guess that six-wheels are better than four. This is the most classic and elegant vehicle I’ve seen.

Hmm..Very exotic vehicle isn’t it?! Though I don’t really like what it looks like, I think there are some out there that will love this model.

The TwinPower Turbo technology is what I most like. I’m surprised with the interior and exterior looks.

Yeah, I’ve seen it on the movie. I like the exterior of this Hydra depict the classic look of the world war.

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