Video: David Coulthard Doing Donuts in a Red Bull NASCAR

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For a car that is mostly seen going straight, then banking left and then straight, tire-torturing donuts are a rare sight to behold.

Here’s David Coulthard, a celebrated F1 driver, performing donuts on the Toyota Camry NASCAR , a rather unusual association for an F1 driver.

Despite the weather, David tries his best getting the lightweight race car to spin around for as long as possible with the occasional drifting to keep the excitement of the fans alive, with bike rider Chris Pfeiffer, attempting the same in a BMW 800R motorbike

To us, the car looks cumbersome when David tries to poke the racecar but, given the fact that the race car is solely not meant for drifting, it does make the video a good watch.

With hybrids and EVs hogging the big picture, it’s good to hear a great V8 rumble once in a while. And this video doesn’t disappoint in that aspect. Also, the idea of NASCAR still excites the enthusiasts in all of us.

Video Courtesy : Marchettino

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