Video: Dodge's new Caravan commercial is all kinds of weird

Remember that scene from Anchorman where Ron Burgundy and his news team got involved in a "News Team Royal Rumble" with its local news competition that included, among others Tim Robbins, Luke Wilson, and a Mexican Ben Stiller?

This is what this Dodge Grand Caravan commercial looks like, only that they’ve got people wearing cat, mice, and dog masks. Huh? Where did that come from? Well, Dodge is promoting their new Grand Caravan as a vehicle that "has everything, you can do anything". Apparently, that "anything" also involves showing up for a warehouse brawl while wearing Garfield on your face.

Come to think of it, they do deserve props for this out-of-the-box ’cats versus mice versus dogs’ idea. It’s different and unique, but we don’t see how this fits into Dodge’s attempt at targeting a younger audience, unless they’re also going for the young-and-weird market.

Source: Dodge


Well, that is the definition of a weird commercial for a car. "It has everything, so you
can do anything" ? What is its relation to those kittens, rats and dogs?

I think they are targeting the humor of “ young audiences” since the focus is on them that is why they come up with this all weird stuff. IMO, it would have been better if they make it straight forward or get a basis in real life of their market.

Are they going to confuse us into buying their product, as opposed to the more effective "sensible" approach?

Chrysler should *really* take a cue from Ford and just make simple, coherent, short-and-sweet ads highlighting their products’ good points. And, you know, make cars with good points to highlight...

I have watched the video for several times and I don’t get the point...

Yea, don’t see why it couldn’t be broadcast here in the US.

Many are asking me what’s with the commercial? I told them I don’t know...

That one is really a weird commercial and I don’t think if people could feel the touch of that kind of commercial and it’s funny, wish you luck dodge.

Same here, I really don’t understand the commercial. It’s kinda weird and off topic to the caravan.

ok this ad makes no dam since it also the worst comerical. dodge should have re thought it.

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