Video: Drive's Matt Farah takes a spin in the Ethanol-powered Nissan GT-R E900 by Switzer

There’s been an inordinate number of tuning packages for the Nissan GT-R , but one of the more memorable modifications came at the hands of Ohio-based tuner, Switzer Performance, about two years ago. The tuner put all of the cornfields in Ohio to good use by converting the GT-R to run on E85 fuel, leaving the twin-turbocharged V6 engine to deliver a total of 834 HP.

Recently, Drive’s Matt Farah came across the modified GT-R at a runway shootout and asked the driver if he could take a spin. The driver had no problem with that and so Matt Farah got behind the wheel and brought a camera crew with him. According to Farah, the Switzer GT-R is fastest street car he’s ever driven. Most likely that’s because the car runs the quarter mile in 9.7 seconds with an exit speed of 147mph.

Check out the full details of the tuning package by going to our review of the Nissan GT-R E900 by Switzer . Then, let us know what you think of it in the comments section below!


It’s a great video. I’m glad that TopSpeed provides and releases this kind of video that I’m informed with the abilities of GT-R. 

Thanks to this, I’ve seen the notable performance of GT-R E900, which seemed to be efficiently tuned by Switzer.

I’d applaud Switzer for turning this even more powerful, and Matt Farah for having a good handling!

This beyond Matt Farah’s control, I can see that, but he’s very good in handling.

I didn’t know it runs on Ethanol! Anyway, I can’t believe Switzer has made it powerful further!

I didn’t know it runs on Ethanol! Anyway, I can’t believe Switzer has made it powerful further!

I’m not knowledgeable about Ethanol-powered cars, but this sure amazed me! It’s super efficient and fast!

Just when I thought I had found the ever powerful car earlier, this article made my mind spin. In the history of supercars, isn’t this one the most dynamic?

The car is so powerful that even Matt can’t handle it. One thing though, is Ethanol fuel sold in the market? I heard that you can get only one at Switzer’s?

This car is fully packed with energy! The developers must be high as they have created a new monster of the automotive world!

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