Video: Drivers show-off their stunt driving skills on a major highway in Dubai

If you can find a road in the US where cars can do things like this, we’d most definitely would love to know where it is. Unfortunately, strict traffic and transportation laws prohibit these kinds of stunts, so we’re all constrained to just let other people do it while we sit comfortably in our chairs watching it unfold from our computers.

Having a hard time catching up? We suggest you take some time and watch this outrageous video of a day in the life of the Sheik Zayed Road - one of the main thoroughfares in Dubai - and the lunacy that happens when drivers become less interested in driving in peace and more interested in performing stunts on the road.

Source: YouTube


haha, that’s nice stunt though.

ouch! The video was removed. Where can I find another link for that?.

i wonder how to do that two wheel stunts.

they are not crazy they are insane dude... they never think of the traffic they made.

Crazy drivers! I wonder why they are doing such thing in a major highway. Those freaks might get someone hurt with their stunts.

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