Video: Episode 3 of "Jaguar RSR: Return to Glory" video series

For a company that hasn’t exactly produced scorching results in racing competitions it’s participated in recently, Jaguar is hell-bent on returning to its perch as a racing team to be feared. In the latest episode of the Jaguar Return to Glory video series, the RSR team leaves no stones unturned on their passion for racing and desire to build the RSR XKR GT2 as a race car that’s capable of racing with the best of the best and the elite of the elite.

If there’s one video that provides you with everything you need to know about how the men and women behind the scenes work together to make the RSR racing team live up to its enormous potential, this episode of the Return to Glory video series is about as good as it gets. These guys live for racing and they’re working their hardest to make sure that the product is capable of producing results.

Source: Jaguar


Same here, dude I’m very confused with the rear. I guess this is the collaboration of porsche and jaguar.

I agree. It’s rear end is really confusing.

Aggressive enough to be scary and fast enough to make the Viper eats it’s dust but IMO it’s rear end looks like porsche 911.

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