Video: Exploding Wheels Don't Matter to Ken Block

When you’re a master drifter like Ken Block , you usually don’t make a whole lot of mistakes when you’re in a drift session. But every so often, the cat jumps out of the bag and you’re left with, at least in this case, smashed rear wheels.

For other drifters, that’s a cause for concern. For Ken Block, well, he "just ain’t care.”

Probably more telling is the way Block handled the crash to his beloved Ford Fiesta . There were no fumes of frustration or resigned exasperation; just a smile on the face knowing that things like this can and still happen, even to the best of ’em.

And to his credit, Block even made a pretty cool video out of his crash. Now that’s somebody who knows how to laugh at his boo-boos and still make a pretty cool video out of it.

Check out the video of Block’s mishap and the entertaining aftermath that followed.


I am sorry but I do not understand the message of the video. It seems dangerous to see some exploding of the wheel scene. If they just made a pretty cool video of the crash then they should learn from that mistake.

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