Video: F40 vs 599

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Ferrari has been responsible for creating many great automotive machines throughout their existence. Most recently when the Italian sports car maker came out with their reincarnation of the front engine V12 Grand Tourer, the 599 GTB Fiorano , that it would be just as capable on a circuit as their F-40 boosted super Ferrari.

Can the 21st century GT car out perform a 20 year old super car? You will just have to watch the video to find out for yourself.


I would still take the f40 it was the last car to come out before enzo ferraris death and apparantley he put everything he knows about performance cars in one package.
Great car for its time

I did plenty of Gran Turismo 5 research this weekend. It sad but true. What was the hotness 20 years ago, is now just a bit overweight and underpowered. Still beautiful though.

Bunk. I don’t doubt the 599’d give the F40 a close match, but you put them both on an actual race track with legitimate, impartial race car drivers and then we’ll see.

The 599 has a lot more horsepower, but a lot more weight and it’s that inertia that really makes the diff.

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