Video: Facelift Q7 in action

After revealing the facelift version of the Q7 SUV , Audi also revealed the first official video of the SUV. The new Q7 comes with a slightly restyled grille, new bumpers and xenon headlights.


Although, its predecessor appeals generally nice to me, the facelift gave and the slight upgrades gave added spice into it.

I like the restyling, the conservative less aggressive modifications. I just expected something which Audi failed to include in this upgrades-the wheels.

This video gives a cool glimpse of what the 2010 Q7 will be. And you are right there is not much to distinguish the previous to the new one.

Subtlety I must say is the word to describe the slight upgrades and modifications Audi did for its SUV. So you can’t hardly tell the big difference.

Maybe we can safely assume a $2000 to $3000 premium over the gasoline-powered, V-6-equipped base Q7’s $42,500 window sticker. That’s not a far cry for a good SUV performance

More than anything else I have to admit that even before the facelift I loved this SUV already. And with this impressive bodykit upgrades I must say this car it telling me I must earn hard to buy this car.

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