Video: "Fastest MINI Race Car" Clocks in a Sub-9-Minute Lap at Nürburgring

Back in July, Mini announced that its John Cooper Works GP clocked in an impressive time of 8:23 at Nürburgring, giving due justice to its designation as the fastest production MINI ever.

We’re saying this because a recent video from Sport Auto shows test drive editor Christian Gebhardt getting behind the wheel of a Schirra Motoring MINI Cooper endurance race car, which proceeded to hit the Nurburgring and post a time of 8:58.

It’s an impressive time in its own right, but well short of what the JCW GP accomplished a few months ago. It smashed this time despite the fact that this endurance car comes packed with a turbocharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine that has been equipped with new pistons and high-performance camshafts, netting an output of 300 horsepower and 302 pound-feet of torque while achieving a 0-to-62 mph time of 4.7 seconds and a top speed of 160 mph.

As an endurance race car, the Shirra Motoring MINI Cooper was fitted with a new aerodynamic body kit that comes with a new front bumper, extended wheel arches and a prominent rear wing. The vehicle also carries a track-oriented suspension, high-performance brakes and a set of Michelin racing tires.

Regardless if it failed to sniff the JCW GP’s Nurburgring lap time, 8:58 is still a pretty awesome time any way you slice it.


i do not think this is a good car on bunpy roads. but on a track, it is great!

it is a known fact that tuners and manufacturers do anything to shed weight. same was done here, and the whole interior trims were extra!

i do not like the fact that the interior of the car is all stripped. but hey, that is expected!

this is what i love about a fast mini: it can look harmless and then smoke you!

this is a great car! lots of power, good looks and yet small enough to drive it anywhere!

that is true. still, it is something to see a mini neck-on-neck with a M5.

it will beat them, until you get the limiter off on those cars! then, it will not stand a chance smiley

i like the fact that this car will beat a M3/M5 or any other car limited to 155 MPH smiley

i think the top speed this mini can achieve is great! there are lots of cars that dream of getting to 155 MPH and never get there!

300 HP form a 1.6 engine is WOW! how much power did the works mini have, since it did the ’Ring in 8:23 ?!?!

that mini is a bundle of joy! i love it!

i love how this mini rev’s up and how it sounds. a great little car!

8:58 is a great time. 8:23 is a lot better. but that doesn’t make the 8:58 look worse.

"fastest mini race car" is not the fastest mini, as it turnes out. too bad smiley

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