Video: Female model loves the Mitsubishi ACX so much she's prepared to dive for it

With everything that went on at the Geneva Motor Show, it would have been really easy for a video like this to get lost amidst all the happenings during the event. However, you know what they say, something this good - or snort-inducingly funny - is bound to get noticed someday. Unfortunately for the female model that’s on the receiving end of that carpet dive, that someday has finally come.

The video took place during the Mitsubishi ASX launch and, while the car is pretty good by our standards, it was overshadowed by the model inexplicably falling flat on her face after getting caught in the ASX’s front tire. At least, that’s what this video shows.

Forgive us for the insensitivity. This was just too funny to pass up.

Source: Break


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