Video: Ferrari Enzo takes on LMC Super Cuda

Its the ultimate battle between an Italian thoroughbred and an American powerhouse.

On one corner, you have the Ferrari Enzo and on the other corner is the LMC Super Cuda. There are no lightweights here gentlemen.

Ok, it wasn’t so much a race between the two as it was a demonstration as to just how fast and powerful these two bad boys are. In the quick instance where they did put the pedal to the metal, the Super Cuda easily pulled away from the Enzo before a technical malfunction which came as a result of going too fast - forced the Super Cuda to a grounding halt.

As soon as it was fixed, the two then decided to see which car could post the higher topspeed and this time, the Enzo outgunned the the Super Cuda 218 to 208 mph.

Source: YouTube


Did you know that the Enzo’s V12 engine is the first of a new generation for Ferrari.

I love the old school style of Ferrari Enzo, it looks like a Ford Mustang with small grills

Cuda lost its windshield trim at 190 mph, you can hear the Cuda coming long before you can see her, as the cars went by they sound like jet fighters. Top speed 208 mph with still some room left.

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