Video: Ferrari F50 sparks flames from exhaust

Flame-throwing supercars are grabbing more and more attention these days so it doesn’t really surprise us that another one was captured on video putting on a flame-spewing show.

This time, it’s a Ferrari F50 romping through a California highway and in the middle of its cruising, begins spewing flames as soon as the owner pushes the pedal to the medal. It’s always a treat for us to watch how some owners use their supercars and make them do something our cars can never do – unless of course we set them on fire.

If you haven’t seen a car spew flames from the exhaust before, here’s your chance. It’s not as elaborate as a the one you see in the Batmobile, but its close enough.

Source: GT Spirit


I’m impressed with the body work. I’m certain that the sexy curves are aero-dynamic. It can go from zero to 250mph in a couple of seconds.

Exhaust emissions always contain a small amount of unburnt fuel. I imagine in this instance the material used was changed so that the tip gets very hot quite quickly and stays this way therefore igniting this unburnt fuel instead of releasing it into the atmosphere.

I’m not sure I’d want to keep shooting flames out the back of my supercar. Seems kinda detrimental, I’d rather a more guttural sounding exhaust without the flames.

Having a flame shot from muffler really rocks and this is the trend today.

Lovely fire breathing f50, let’s not hope that his flames go up making the ferrari’s end melt and burn.

My all-time favorite Ferrari. It may not be quite as fast as the Enzo, but it’s much more civil and can still put to shame pretty much anything else on the road.

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