Video: FIA GT race cars are no match for Formula One cars

When people say that Formula One cars are some of the fastest moving vehicles on the planet, some might scoff at that as an exaggeration of speed. Well, if you’re one of those skeptics, prepare to eat your words with this video.

Shot as an overlap featuring two separate videos taken at the Eau Rouge section of the Spa Francorchamps circuit in Belgium, these videos will give you a clear picture as to how much faster a Formula One car is compared to cars competing at the FIA GT Championship. Keep in mind also that cars that compete in this class consist of race-spec models from brands like Aston Martin , Audi , Lamborghini , Porsche , and Maserati .

With a notable line-up like this, you would think that the difference wouldn’t be that dramatic when you compare it to a Formula One car. Well, watch this awesome video and prepare to be proven wrong. Very, very wrong.

Source: You Tube


I would say that F1 one of the most awaited event of every year so I don’t think FIA GT can be as exciting as the F1!

Yeah right!I always wait for the F1 race every year and I don’t think that FIA GT can surpass the F1.

i can tell that the race would be good this season. And I do hope that they will great performance out on their cars. The previous champion Maserati will always be competitive.

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FIA is exploring ways to make Formula One racing more interesting and more relevant. I can see lot of changes from the formula one including the hybrid technology!. The car looks so great! i really love it.

That award goes to Porsche’s stunning 918 RSR Racing Lab prototype. I agree with this statement. As a matter of fact, Porsche sports cars should have
boxer engines. Porsche has made flat 8s before....

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