Video: Fifth Gear drives the Noble M600

After Top Gear had their way with the Noble M600, Fifth Gear also had the chance to drive the new Noble M600 supercar.

The Noble M600 is powered by a twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V8 engine with over 650 HP underneath the hood that’s capable of pulling off a 0-60 mph in just under three seconds. The M600 can hit a top speed of 223 mph. Based on a tubular chassis and carbon fiber panels, the Noble M600 weights only 1275 kilograms. The car only comes with a six-speed manual transmission with no anti-lock brakes to go with it. Additionally, the car’s traction control system can be deactivated, giving full control of the car to the hands and skills of the man sitting behind the wheel.

We almost forgot! If 650 HP is somehow too much for you, Noble is also offering 450 hp or 550 hp version.

Check out the video to see Jason Plato behind the wheel of the new Noble M600 supercar!


3 variants to choose from.. well for me I’ll choose the 650HP.. it’s price is a more higher than the 2 but this is super car.. and money is all involve here if you want to be fast.

they should conduct a small race between the Noble m600 and Bugatti Veyron.. this is a good match though, for sure many will watch this event.

i hope the veyron and noble m600 will meat head to head on track.. for sure this will be a hit to the internet.

Wow! that is really a fast car and I think it will kill yourself if you lose control on that kind of top speed.

Looks A Bit Like An F430 Front To Me But Is It Gonna Be All British This Time Then?

Nice performance by Noble m600, it’s weight did a lot on gaining speed.

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