Video: Fifth Gear drives the Pagani Zonda R

There are only a handful of supercars in this world that can illicit this kind of reaction from even the most hardened of auto scribes. Shrieks of excitement, pulse-pounding driving, and even a shout out to the founder of the car was what happened to Fifth Gear host Tiff Needell after driving around a race track with the venerable Pagani Zonda R .

As the last and most powerful Zonda to come out of Pagani – if you didn’t know, the Zonda is on its last legs after a decade of thrills and spills with a new model set to be introduced soon – the Zonda R is no stranger to unadulterated power and mind-bending speed. Needell was even given a last hurrah with the 6.0-liter V12 750 horsepower supercar and, boy oh boy, did he make the most out of it.

And yes, Mr. Needell; you’re not the only one who wants a Zonda R. We want one so badly too.

Source: You Tube


This car is what I’ve been talking about! Better than any Audi! The Zonda is automotive art.

I really don’t like the design of the Pagani Zonda.

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