Video: Fifth Gear takes the Honda CRZ out for a spin

That ’other’ car show - yep, we’re talking about Fifth Gear - has finally returned to our late night viewing and one of the first things they did was bring us up to speed with Honda ’s new hybrid offering, the 2010 CR-Z .

In this video, Fifth Gear brings the viewers - that’s us - up-to-speed with the interesting capabilities of the CR-Z. Comparing it to the Volkswagen Scirocco TDI , Fifth Gear wasn’t a little too happy with the technical specs of the Honda hybrid, saying that it didn’t have the natural spunk and sporting moxy that’s typically associated with Hondas.

While the car does have quite a bit of performance to it, Fifth Gear noticed that Honda decided to highlight the CR-Z’s efficiency more so than its powertrain performance. As such, if you’re looking for a car that can let your inhibitions take off, the CR-Z isn’t the car for you, but if you’re looking for a ride that’s got ’efficiency’ draped all over it, then the CR-Z should definitely be your ride-of-choice.


There’s something to be said for vehicles which carry a lot of stuff in relation to it’s size, purchase price, and fuel economy. I see a lot of Honda Elements in use by small businesses to ferry equipment around, which also being economical enough to be the "company car".

I think a lot of people that are calling this car ’fail’ are missing the point of this car, supposedly the Cygnet won’t be sold to any customer. You can’t walk off the streets in a Honda expecting to buy this car. Only after purchasing another Aston Martin model can you qualified to buy the Cygnet.

of course it’s engine is totally fuel efficient and this thing is not meant to be driven fast.

now that was teasing one. for sure it wont take long for the Hyundai and Mazda to follow this kind of Dash and Panels.

I agree, if you want your CR-Z to be fast and competitive you should get the Mugen and R types. many are telling me that it’s far more aggressive than the Evo X.

I agree, the CR-Z is rely not built for speed, but if you want more power and speed there is a CR-Z Mugen and the R Type CR-z.

Tiff Niddel’s review on car is way better, he stated every details very well.

Well, Cr-Z is made for 2 things, Fuel econo and Fun, speed is not on it’s blood line.

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