Video: Flo Rida gets chrome wrapped Bugatti Veyron

Last year, rapper Flo Rida was charged with driving under the influence while in his $1.7 million Bugatti Veyron . Back then, he had his license suspended, but it seems that now the rapper is getting ready to get behind the wheel again. His Bugatti Veyron has just been wrapped in chrome by Metro Wrapz. The chrome wrap has been combined with a silver stripe going from the black hood to the back of the vehicle. This one small modifications probably just increased the price of his car to about $2 million. Must be nice.

The Bugatti Veyron probably didn’t need this update in order for it to be noticed, but it looks like Flo Rida really likes shiny things. Let’s just hope he won’t be tempted to test the car’s top speed on the streets!

Hit the jump to watch a little tease of the Chrome Bugatti Veyron by Metro Wrapz!


Woah ! That was awesome. Chrome Wrapped? Is this the first time they make it?

He ain’t no doubt that he can call this chromed Veyron “mine”.

I know why the girls love him like he is the most handsome man in America because he has the most coolest and fastest super car in history.

Do not tell me that this Flo Rida Veyron will be his only “accessories” on his performances and concert events.

He has spend more than million dollar just to have this very special Bugatti. I envy the attitude of this chrome wrapped Veyron.

Nice wrapped in mirror like paint. I like his customization on this Veyron.

He rocks that he personalized his Bugatti Veyron on a large rapper piece. It’s a perfect accessory on his list.

I also like its image on facebook. I like how they come up with this design.

Is there another color for chrome aside from silver? I’m so sick of seeing the same chrome color.

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