Video: For $11,000, you can learn to fly a Jetpack in a matter of minutes

It’s not at the same level of awesomeness as Iron Man, but when you’re given an opportunity to fly, those things became pretty irrelevant. For only $10,700, you can enroll yourself in a "test pilot" training program where you’ll be given an opportunity to try out a Total Experience Jetpack.

Of course, you’re going to have to meet some requirements to be eligible for the program, including being under the age of 18, weighing less than 90 kilos, and in the possession of a current driver’s license. Oh, and the program’s a long ways away in New Zealand so going there might be another problem altogether.

Nevertheless, the program looks to be a no-brainer for anyone with thrill-seeking tendencies and about 11 grand (NZD15,000) lying around somewhere. The whole program, which is the brainchild of Total Experience in collaboration with Martin Aircraft, will take place at the Martin Aircraft in Christchurch, New Zealand and will be held in a supervised, controlled environment to, we guess, minimize the already remote possibility of having someone fly off into yonder on a jetpack.

According to Total Experience, flying a jetpack is about as easy as learning to ride a bicycle with some students already capable of engaging in solo flight after only a few minutes of instruction.

It looks and sounds like one of those things that we’d have to give a go whenever we chance upon New Zealand. Costs nothwisthanding, we’re defintely putting this on our bucket list.


Well, I’m not really on this thing but I think it would be cool if we know on how to fly!haha this one seems like a child dream!

It would be an awesome to know on how to fly and it seems that you need a huge budget in order to learn! And I think this thing is for the wealthy man only!

That’s a great idea though..I think if given a good chance and opportunity that jet pack would be useful in the near future,,

how fast does it go? How high can it fly? and what happens when its windy and your not flying to work through a warehouse?

It’s just bouncing up and down. I would not rather spend my entire money. Just book a flight from your travel agency.

Those aren’t jetpacks to start with, I wish in the near future real and small jetpack are available for all.

Useless, just a waste of energy..Look at it, he is flying but only a few heights from the ground plus it doesn’t stay flying for a long hour.

This is a cool vid! But not having to use it on public is good at least it wont cause trouble on the street

Well, what’s the use of learning it if you can’t have one of those and use it in states?

If this thing won’t help the traffic then the better thing to do is remove it. It’s just a waste of energy and electricity.

What’s the use of having a jetpack if you can use it on a public places? Maybe it can be used as toy or for outdoor activities. Also can it be trusted the it’s engine wont fail after a lift?

I’m wondering what will you do with this kind of gadget? Do they allow it in the United States.

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