Video: For the love of God, please don't launch your car over a toll booth

Who knew that toll gates could become instruments for flying cars. We didn’t think so, either.

But apparently, somebody does, and this video will show you how you can take a Chevy Impala and launch it without any Hollywood gimmickry. The only thing you need to do is be intoxicated, as this female driver clearly was at the time of her stunt-driving audition. After leaving the Dallas-Forth Worth International Airport, the driver decided that paying for the toll wasn’t something she was willing to do, so instead of having to scamper around her bag for loose change, she decided to just jump the damned thing. Unfortunately, the jump wasn’t all that high as the car clipped the booth instead. On the other hand, both the driver and the booth operator escaped the incident without any serious injuries.

We know the kind of behavior that people display while they are intoxicated and, while some of those behaviors are relatively harmless, launching your car over a toll booth isn’t one of them. So we strongly advise anybody to exercise caution, just roll your car through the toll, and pay the fee.


I wonder how car does his car goes and how high before plunging down to the tarmac.

high flying car accident, i hope the driver is not that seriously injured.

That is a sensational video, I do not intend that car will fly over the toll booth. That was a great job for super flying car.

I guess the think he’s in a movie doing a stunt.

hahaha nice this movie is quite interesting! Maybe this guy drunk too much! That’s why he tought that the accelerator was the brake pedal.

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