Video: Ford releases teaser video of 2011 Explorer doing some testing

Correct us if we’re wrong, but ever since Ford decided to release teaser photos of the 2011 Ford Explorer , we’ve actually seen more of those Ford executives with their smiling mugs than we have of the actual SUV. Granted, the whole shtick is premeditated given that Ford would like to show as little of the car as possible – that’s why it’s called teasing – and they prefer to wait until the 2011 Explorer’s big reveal to lift the covers off of their new SUV.

Now, Ford is at it again, only this time they’ve opted for the video variety to tease the Explorer. And true to form, the car’s about as covered as it can get and we have yet another Ford executive trying to steal the Explorer’s thunder. This time, it’s the SUV’s program manager, Julie Levine, who spends the majority of the video describing in great detail the rigorous testing the Explorer is subjected to. In fairness, the SUV is shown for most of the video, but not as exposed as we’d like it to be.

Source: Ford

6 comments: one is that excited about the new Explorer. In fact, there is probably no excitement at all. The new Jeep Grand Cherokee is a better vehicle all around. And is that trunk opening a bit narrow?

I hope it won’t get delayed like some other models.

I’m guessing that if we haven’t even seen uncamouflaged pictures by now it won’t be a 2011 model.

Glad to see they have great quality control. Hopefully surpass the other manufactures eventually.

well punishing the Explorer looks fun, agree this is the future of the SUV.

I guessed if we haven’t even seen camouflaged pictures by now it won’t be a 2011 model. My bet is there will be no 2011 Explorer but the 2010 model year will last into early next year and the next Explorer will debut in January or February next year as a 2012 model.

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