Video: French Parkourers gets introduced to the Aston Martin Cygnet

If you’re one of those people that have been waiting for the Aston Martin Cygnet to hit local dealerships, then you probably haven’t heard the news surrounding the Cygnet and how the car won’t be making its way to the US anytime soon.

Despite this disappointing news, we’re still suckers for some pretty cool viral marketing and this video featuring a couple of guys partaking on a nice round of Parkour – a French freestyle urban sport – at an Aston Martin facility is just the kind of video that gets us all geeked up for the Cygnet.

Unfortunately for us in the US, this is as close as we can probably get to a Cygnet, which is unfortunate because the car looks to be one of those hatchbacks you’d be proud to be driving out on the streets.

Source: Cars UK


I didn’t find the Cygnet attractive. Would get exhausted for it. The parkourers are also not that great. Poor commercial. They should have come up with something better, something more appealing.

It was an amazing stunt by Free runners, and a teasing video by Aston Martin.

I don’t see the point of parkouring on promoting a Aston Martin Cygnet, that’s too dumb. It’s like this scenario, I’m doing that so "dumb" parkour coz’ I don’t need car on my venture but on that video, "parkourers that very passionate on a car". Do you think that it can help to beat Toyota IQ?

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