Video: GoPro shows us how we all should be watching racing in the future

Of the few lucky and skilled enough to compete in motor racing, the feeling of getting your juices up during a race is something that very few things in this world can replicate. But for the rest of us that can’t handle a race car, watching races live or on television poses as the next best thing.

And then there’s GoPro , a company that wants to redefine the way we watch races. In these videos, GoPro attaches their tiny little HD Hero2 cameras on the ALMS race cars piloted by Gunnar Jeannette and Ken Dobson, showing us what kind of high-action racing we all should be watching on our screens.

The camera angles are amazing, for lack of a better way to describe it. The multitude of camera angles give us a totally new way of appreciating the thrills of racing, right down to the angle experienced by the pit lane mechanics.

Check out the videos GoPro released and there’s a good chance, you’ll start clamoring for these kind of up-close views on the next televised races you watch.

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Source: GoPro


If only they can show much exposure of this vehicle trough this video, it’ll be a lot better to watch it perform in the circuit.

It’s good to watch a race with their perspective. Why not consider trying it to watch on 3D to be more, in reality, and to feel the intense adrenalin rush like a man driving those hot race cars.

Racing in the future will drive more excitement for this project.

Yeah right, the original view is much better if you just want to see more of the race only.

I’m not really picky, but I’d rather choose the original viewing. Anyway, this idea is creative.

Why should the view focus on the racers alone? It’s not like we’re actually interested in them individually most of the time.

The best thing to do is to show this in all angles, to be honest.

In my opinion, the original type of view is better since it focuses on the race. This one is only interesting because you can clearly see the racers’ actions.

I think this would make me dizzy. LOL.

It would be better if there are options for it, since people have different views.

I like the original view better. I’m in for the race anyway, and not for the drivers themselves.

No, I disagree. I’m contented with what I see on regular race shows.

Oh whatever. I’d still watch a race, whether the angles are taken normally, or if they’re captured like this.

I partly agree with this idea, but if you’ll ask me, I’d suggest to show multi-angled views plus the normal view.

This is ideal, but the normal view is still nicer, in my opinion. It’d be too boring to focus on the racers and cars themselves rather than the actual race.

With these shots, it’s more realistic and less boring; I can clearly witness their experience.

I actually am not impressed with this. It makes me dizzy! I’d rather watch from a normal angle.

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