Video: Gran Turismo 5 commercial in Japan

Gran Turismo 5 may be a touchy topic these days after Sony – for the umpteenth time, it seems – once again pulled back the release of the video game from its November 2nd deadline. Obviously, that decision wasn’t met with raucous cheers and high salutes, but with exasperation and resigned frustration. That being said, there’s really nothing any one of us can do about it except exercise a great deal of patience. We’ve come this far, anyway. What’s another month or two?

Since we’re on the topic of waiting, here’s something that we can watch to pass the time. It’s the first commercial of GT5 in its home country of Japan featuring an invasion of Matchbox cars sliding down a giant slide with a “We love cars” jingle accompanying it. And in typical Japanese fashion, the ad is concluded by a high-pitched overly enthusiastic voice over touting the game’s release date.

By the way, don’t get your hopes up with that ’11.03’ image at the end. This ad was released before Sony announced its latest delay so there’s nothing to it.

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In the video, Japan certainly love cars. I bet this Gran Turismo will become a hit again just like the other ones. The thing I loved about this game is of course, there are lots of new and wonderful cars to choose from.

The waiting period before the GT5 actually debuted is really worthy!
I’m really don’t get disappointed! The graphics and driving experience is good and it could be played by 16 players or more! How fantastic!

If your N54 is such a problem, have it lemon. It took a phone call to BMW to have my 335i lemon. No big deal. Their customer service is awesome. Cars may not be the best quality but good grief do they treat customer right. Unlike say...Audi. Grumble...won’t even get into the major of being an Audi owner.

They were both beautiful, but I preferred the American version for a reason: “When they said, they needed the test-cars back, I said wahahahahaha”! Epic line smiley And I don’t like Murciélagos in baby-bathtub-blue, because it’s a crime!

The song used in this video is very childish. They should focus on a serious hard rock version of ’we love cars’ instead of inviting kids to sing this theme. Apparently, the image of Gran Turismo 5 resulted into a ’kids car show.’ And, not attractive at all.

haha..They should invite Justin Beiber to sang "We love the cars"

The demo for Forza was released yesterday to gold members on xbox live

But it’s so sad that they keep on delaying the release of the GT5

GT is notorious for pushing back release dates. Still, it will be worth the wait.

maybe they are just waiting out the bad economic climate

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