Video: GTA Spano start, rev, and accelerations

Marchettino has impressed us with his video skills once again with a video featuring the brand new GTA Spano supercar. The video shows the car’s engine start up, along with a couple of revving scenes and some accelerations! Bottomline: This video is pretty awesome.

As a reminder, the new GTA Spano is powered by an 8.3-liter V10 engine placed in a longitudinal rear position that produces 780 HP and 678 lbs-ft of torque. If those 780 HP aren’t enough, GTA also offers a Bioethanol version that bumps up the power all the way up to 820 HP. The supercar can hit 0-60 mph in under 3 seconds with a top speed of 217 mph.

Let us know in the comments section below if you think the new Spano is as fast and impressive as the company hopes it is!


It’s certainly something that is admirable in each detail.

For me, it’s cool and impressive. It’s already fast, but not definitely the fastest.

Knowing its specs, I can compare it to others now.

The video shows greater performances from Porsche and Nissan, and if I ’m going to ask if which car I’ll choose, it’ll be GT-R.

It’s nice to know all about Spano through this video.

This is an awesome video. I’m now informed about Spano.

You should watch this if you wish to know it better.

It literally just featured its accelerations, didn’t it? I actually looked forward to a competitive run; how disappointing!

More than anything else, I really love its exterior’s unique design. The fast performance actually isn’t the focus, I think because all it did was to be driven for the acceleration. Instead, its appearance will catch your attention.

It’s one of the supercars with the most astounding performances; you shouldn’t miss watching this video!

Without watching, you’d speculate from the details that this will successfully catch your heart when you view it!

I’ve seen it, and I’ve been totally absorbed by its wonderful performance.

From the figures of the stated specifications, you can already pretty much assume that its performance on the video will be amazing!

I like how it started. Well actually, I loved its whole run.

As soon as I’ve seen that GTA Spano has an 8.3-liter V10 engine that produces 780 - 820 horsepower and 678 lbs-ft torque which can accelerate 0-60 mph under 3 seconds reaching a top speed of 217 mph, I was immediately tempted to click on the video! You guys have to watch it too; its performance will never fail to astound you!

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