Video: Gymkhana 5 has arrived! (UPDATE)

The wait took longer than we had hoped, but you know what they say, "to those who wait, there is prosperity."

So we waited...and finally, our patience has paid off. Ladies and gentlemen, Gymkhana 5 has arrived!

As promised, July 9 was the date of reckoning; the day where Ken Block goes back to his roots , away from the Hollywood look of the fourth installment and back to the raw, uncut, thrill ride of a lifetime.

This time around, the stage was set for the urban jungle that is San Francisco. Just as we expected - and hoped - Block absolutely takes the Bay by storm, complete with sick drifts, plenty of burnt rubber, and mind-bending jumps that completely blew us away. Then there’s a Travis Pastrana cameo in there too. We had hoped that he would do a few stunts of his own, but we certainly aren’t complaining on how the finished product ended up looking.

Gymkhana 5, you made our day and hopefully, the wait for 6 won’t take as long.

UPDATE 07/13/2012: Ford has unveiled a series of exclusive new images of Ken Block‚Äôs Gymkhana FIVE: Ultimate Urban Playground; in San Francisco. The car featured in this series is a Focus ST developed jointly by Ford’s Team RS in Europe and its Special Vehicles Team (SVT) in the United States.

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Some people are just too immersed into this automotive world and are so excited to apply it here on the outside. Who in the right mind would drift and run a Ford Fiesta like that as its normal speed?

I want to go to San Francisco to see the different trick of cars.

I’m interesting to watch the stunts in San Francisco that is performed there.

Did they focus on San Francisco only? It’s a good video to watch, and it’s very entertaining.

Will they visit the city of Los Angeles? I just can’t watch it on the same location.

It shows how great the San Francisco to be a vehicle playground.

It’s more fun to visit a city of this kind of cars doing some wild stunts.

Thanks to that video, I just wanted to go on San Francisco to see the places where this Fiesta roamed.

Ford Fiesta creates another definition. It is the vehicle used for fun, giving perfect routine for swerving, burning and burning tires.

San Francisco has been invaded by Ford RS and Gymkhana 5. And who couldn’t stop him with their unlawful car driving stunts, none right?

Voila! Those stunts are nearly to perfection. He must be the modern-day Houdini. He drives with magic and power.

If those stunts are performed in other cities, it might gather reactions regarding the stunts he ought to show.

That driver is so awesome! I don’t think ordinary people can to that trick. It requires a lot of practice.

I’m hoping that those stunts could perform here and there are some amazing trick that they can do.

Is it still great to watch this guy create burned marks on the roads of California?

It’s a perfect video if you want to learn how to drift and do swerving in urban cities like San Francisco.

Great video of drifting and swerving. You can see traces of burnt tires on roads. He enjoy wandering the San Francisco Streets.

I love watching it especially doing stuffs like that. It’s totally crazy, but entertaining and fun. Just don’t dare to do the same, even in the city of San Francisco.

It seems it has tough wheels. Fiesta does it well on his playground and incredible stunt surprise me.

It seems that Ford Fiesta is enjoying the outskirts of San Francisco, California.

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