Video: Gymkhana 5 trailer gives us a hint of what's to come

Ken Block promised a return to roots for Gymkhana 5 and judging by the first trailer of the highly-anticipated video, the man wasn’t lying.

Not that it needs any more teasing, but Ken Block and his peeps still decided to go that route with Gymkhana 5, providing us with a 37-second appetizer of what we’re all in store for.

Block is already on record saying that Gymkhana 5 will leave the theatrics of Gymkhana 4 behind in order to concentrate on bringing it back to the kind of action-packed, tire-screeching, rubber-burning stunts we’ve become accustomed to.

This time, Block brought his trusty Ford Fiesta H.F.H.V. rally racer to the streets of San Francisco, where it laid waste to a whole load of things, including a barge.

Confused? Check out the video and find out!

Don’t forget, the video debuts on July 9, at which point, we’ll be glued to our monitors waiting in earnest for it to drop.


You can’t easily see what’s going on behind that white smokes on that barge from the view on that bridge.

Oh, I can’t believe he can do such dumb things like burning tires around that barge.

He almost created a fog-like above that barge.

I can smell those burning tires of Ford Fiesta.

Today will be the debut of this Gymkhana 5 right. Where are the pics and video guys?

It’s totally cool! I also can’t wait for that video to make its debut.

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