Video: Gymkhana parody is all sorts of hilarious

This probably isn’t what Ken Block had in mind when he released his now world-famous Gymkhana video series.

Brought to us by Leaking Duck Productions - the name says it all - this Gymkhana parody stars Etienne Guerra reprising the role of Block and a Ford Fiesta Ghia playing the part of Block’s trusty Fiesta HMHV.

Suffice to say, hilarity ensues.

To be fair to Guerra, he did pull off some pretty sweet drifts given the steed he was driving. But it certainly wasn’t Ken Block and it didn’t have all the kind of theatrics and insane stunts that is normally reserved for Block and his own series of Gymkhana videos.

Nevertheless, it makes for great entertainment. And as if to close it out with a guest appearance, a Travis Pastrana copycat was also present at the end of the video. We’re not sure who it is, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it was Guerra too.

Source: You Tube


At first, you will see that the exterior is really elegant but when you go inside, you will just say wow, it also have negativity too.

People are now loving this video.

I actually recommend it to my friends and they were also laughing hard watching this hilarious video.

I really love this video. Actually I’ve watched it like a hundred of times and I still laughed on this.

What a great video! I was really entertained!.

LOL! I almost peed on my pants watching this video! I don’t really know what’s their purpose in making this kind of video. But it made me laugh so hard. Damn Funny!

I wonder why they make this parody ? It is not a bad idea. I laughed since from the start up to the end. HAHA.

rogermanalac: Yeah. I agree with you. It’s really funny.

I can’t stop laughing while watching this video. It is really hilarious.

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