Video: Hear the sounds of Lamborghinis accelerating

Don’t get us wrong; we love our jobs to pieces. There are a few things in this world more gratifying than writing about cars for a living, but of those "few" things, one of them is what Jason Cammisa of Automobile Magazine is doing in this video.

With the resources of having a line-up of different Lamborghinis at his disposal, Jason gets behind the wheel of each one of them for some quality down time along a deserted stretch of road. The list of Lambos that Cammisa managed to drive includes the Miura , the Countach , the Diablo VT , the Murcielago , and yes, the Italian automaker’s latest pride and joy, the Aventador .

Check out the video prepared by Automobile Magazine and see Jason Cammisa put each of these Lambos through the paces. If for nothing else, you can even check out the evolution of the dashboard and the powerful, grunting roar these Italian bulls let out when the pedal is put to the proverbial metal.


It’s one-of-a-kind video hearing those engines rumbling as it accelerates on the road.

I’m getting immune to Lamborghini, though they have different engine sounds.

It’s good to hear that rumbling from different engines of Lamborghini units.

Those sounds were great. Could other super cars roar like this?

The roaring of engines is superb. Different Lamborghini with Different roaring sounds.

Nothing can beat the Lamborghinis’ appealing noises.

It might be a spur of the moment, but I think Lamborghini totally owns the noise.

Are Lamborghinis tended to be not identical? They have been different accelerating sounds, but it’s really a noise for me. Is there a technology to reduce much of the noise to be more comfortable, especially if you’re with your family? 

Even its engine is full of charisma; you can tell it from its noise.

It’s so nice to hear! No wonder people who own supercars just love to show off their roaring automotive.

It’s like a music to the ears of automotive enthusiasts. Even Lamborghini’s sounds swagger.

I like the noise of the old Lamborghinis better. It creates a vision of a powerful muscle car in my mind.

These were all superb, but you can see how Aventador owns them all! smiley

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