Video: Honda's new CRZ commercials touch on 'Live Design'

Nevermind that we don’t understand a single word of this commercial; the new Honda CR-Z is getting prepped for its initial marketing blitz in Japan with a set of new commercials that promotes Honda’s new hybrid car.

In typical Japanese fashion, the commercials border on the quirky side with a touch of high imagination. Then again, we kind of figured that the CR-Z doesn’t really need that much promotion in its native land, especially when news broke out that orders for the CR-Z have already reached 10,000 units in just its first month .

But as they say, you can never have enough promotion for a new product, especially when you have the resources to do so.

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Yeah, I really don’t understand any single word from this commercial. However, I was captivated with the appealing design of this car. CRZ is one of the most awesome productions that we can see in the market. 

Well, I guess it all started in this commercial. There’s a future production for this model, and I think the Honda is working on that. The technology of the CRZ is more advanced compare to other hybrid vehicles. 

We all know that Honda Company is one of the leader in technological innovation not just in cars but in many aspects. This one makes me think of how Honda started...

Perhaps it might be best to wait until the car hits the roads before giving it your stamp of disapproval? Personally, comments like this mean little to me because you can tell the writer is negatively biased from the start. The CR-Z just may show itself to be a very fun and popular car when it hits the market. Besides, I kind of like that it’s different. s are one thing but I rather be one than a sheep!

I was a little let down with this car having a hybrid power train. But there is still hope it will be a great driver. Power is not everything.

I love it. There’s nothing affordable for the green-minded enthusiast out there, and this is a step in the right direction - especially with the manual transmission! Let’s hope they actually build it

I agree, but IMO the CR-z is not that appealing than the Civic RS.

I’m sure that the CR-z captures the imagination and need for a street car. It even sell 10,000 unit on just 30 days, pretty amazing does it?

It simply means that the evolution of car started from failure to success.

Huh? why do they include Planes, Trains and subs on their CR-Z commercial? I don’t really get it.

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