Video: How the SRT Viper Took Shape

The previous-generation Dodge Viper was often criticized that it has lost the essence of earlier years. Things seems to have been solved, as the new Viper has not been inspired by the model it replaces; instead, SRT designers looked back at the first- and second-generation Vipers which were the most appreciated ones.

In this video, Viper’s Head of Design, Mark Trostle, explains how the design of the new Viper took shape. According to him, designers focused mostly on keeping the essence of the first two generations, but also the unmistakable proportions of the Viper. According to him, even if there is a car cover on, people will still know what car it is. And the final element, the new Viper combines functionality with beauty.

Enjoy the video and let us know in the comments section below what generation Viper you prefer.


I knew that Viper’s design is awesome but I still think Viper is expensive car. It is interesting for the Viper’s Head of Design to discuss on the process of designing the new Viper. I thought they just inspired it based on their previous car models.

To be honest, I wouldn’t buy any of these two cause isn’t useful for me. I need something bigger.

The new generation looks better and, indeed, it makes you think about the original one.

In my view, this car still looks oldie comparing to the competitors, but still... a nice piece

is so funny the way this guys touch the cars lines, with so much passion. As a woman, you can became jealous.

What generation Viper I prefer? Well, doesn’t matter which one as long it is a gift smiley cause now I can not afford one.

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