Video: How to Rebuild a Jeep in under 4 minutes

What does the military do for fun? Well, aside from going to war, learning how to shoot, participating in some hardcore training, and other stuff like that, a couple of them have taken apart a Jeep and then rebuilt it... in less than four minutes! In fact, they did it in less than three minutes if you subtract the time they spent driving and making preparations!

The particular Jeep they broke down and then built back up was a Jeep that they trained on for months in order to obtain this type of skill, but that does not make it any less impressive! Just take a look at the video and be amazed, be very amazed! It takes us more than four minutes to decide what we are having for breakfast! These guys are awesome!


It’s very impressive! They are really skilled in rebuilding a jeep. They are systematic and disciplined soldiers. Nice work soldiers!

These militarist are absolutely cool! Ha-ha I’m so amazed at how they crazy turn this car into a skeleton and in less than four minutes, they have already rebuilt it! I can’t help myself but to laugh out loud at this video. smiley

yeah, that’s quite impressive building jeep in less than 4 so amazing..

Salty, when you’re all done patting yourself on the back for your fine sense of humor, you ought to take a good look at who you find so amusing.

Hey, that’s amazing! It’s funny! Military men doing some ridiculous thing, but it seems like they were very much trained on that.

Amazing! Haha, I hope they could also do it in a Ferrari... smiley

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