Video: Hyundai Veloster Races As A Lego In Asphalt 7 Promo

The Hyundai Veloster is a fun little car that possesses enough power without having to be a pocket burner. There’s a certain level of charisma attached to this sports hatch that few in its segment can replicate.

That’s why the Veloster can appear in a promo video like this without looking out of place. The video is actually a promo for the latest version of "Asphalt 7: Heat" — the iPhone and iPad driving game — and a competition that Hyundai is running in conjunction with the game’s developers, hence the Veloster Turbo’s starring role.

The winners of the competition will get a pretty fancy reward: an all-expenses paid trip to Hyundai’s headquarters in South Korea on top of another trip to the 2013 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Hop on over to Hyundai’s website to find out more about the competition. Remember, though, it ends this Sunday, November 25, so it’s best to be act quickly on it.

In the meantime, check out the promo video. It makes for an entertaining watch seeing the Veloster Turbo race in the Asphalt 7 world. As a Lego, no less.


I will definitely not buy an iPad or iPhone now so I can participate to the contest

if the game is exclusive for Apple I’m really sorry for mesmiley

to understand that the game is an exclusive application for apple?

I see everyone is on the the same wave length ... except me

yeah ... but this is an exception as it involves a contest. and the award seems very interesting

I do not really agree with video games in general. I see them as a waste of time

It’s been so much time since I have not played with Lego. is an awesome game. I appreciate the idea for this promo

aaaaa...this is such a cute idea! also very interesting and original. like like like

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