Video: Inside Koenigsegg - Episode 3

The Inside Koenigsegg web series produced by the YouTube channel, Drive, is now on its third episode. After talking about their use of carbon fiber and their Triplex Suspension system in episode 2, episode No. 3 dives into the painting process of their supercars.

If you wanted to know how tedious and expensive the painting process of Koenigsegg’s supercars is, you better take the time to watch this episode. Koenigsegg claims that the polishing process on the supercars take around 200 hours of labor, a staggering amount of time that highlights the precision and attention to detail being paid to ensure the cars radiate the extensive work put into them.

As always, Koenigsegg founder, Christian Von Koenigsegg, is the voice behind the episode and he further discusses the kind of coating the vehicles receive in order to withstand the wear and tear caused by environmental factors.

Arguably the most fascinating of the three episodes; this one is a must-watch if you want to know exactly the detail and labor that goes in to make sure that the Ageras of the world look like the million dollars their price tags suggest they are.


This brand is different and also the founder. He seems to care about theese cars.

I thing he does this for passion, not for money and because of that money came also.

Interesting what Christian sad in the end about the layers and the fact that you can’t feel any difference.

I love them cause they pay so much attention to details. Those guys are amazing.

That green is awesome. I love that color and is quite rare. I’ve seen it only on Jaguars

No wonder why they are so expensive... if many things are like... handmade.

Amazing cars! very particular in many ways and I appreciate that.

I enjoy a lot this series. I like the idea and how they manage to present things about a great brand.

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