Video: Inside the cockpit of the McLaren F1's record-setting run from 1998

For over ten years, no car on the planet could match the McLaren F1 in terms of sheer speed. And the ironic thing is, unlike its successors to the title of fastest road production car in the world – the Bugatti Veyron and the SSC Ultimate Aero TT , among others – the McLaren F1 was never built entirely for that reason.

As a matter of fact, according to designer Gordon Murray, McLaren created the F1 for the sole purpose of becoming the ‘ultimate’ road car. But in the process of building the F1, McLaren found themselves building something that was more than just the ultimate road car, but also the fastest one out on the streets.

And as is the case with timeless videos, we have a video of the McLaren F1 from March 31, 1998, the exact date when the F1 set the speed record, which it owned, for more than ten years.

Spare a few minutes of your time and watch history unfold before your eyes.


I think Mclaren feels so honored to hold the record for over ten years! It really shows that even the modern technology can’t defeat the speed and the talent of their driver!

Well, I have no doubt in the speed performance of this car. And until recently,
this car manufacturer continues to released a car that has an awesome figure performance.

Well, personally I think is the best car of all time. MP4 would be so classic but I
think its the next F1 made with the same focus and much lighter. Driver aids would be

There are 10 F1 road cars that have had this option fitted over the years, but one new owner chose to remove it from one of the 10, so we should be at 9 again by my count.

The silver F1 you find appealing is chassis #059. It wears the factory option known as the High Downforce Kit which McLaren can apply at a customer’s request (and cost, of course) to give a standard F1 road car the look of an F1 GTR or LM.

I’m starting to get confuse they say that Veyron is the fastest sportscar but it never been honor in the Guinness. And they sat that title should be honor to SSC Ultimate Aero . Now, who said the truth?

huh?XJ-220 ? Oh no! Whose that stupid person who done that! Many of dream to have one of this then just someone throw away that rare edition! I think I read somewhere that the SSC aero made its record breaking top speed run on race fuel, making it not quite as impressive. Also, it’s borderline a phantom product. Isn’t there only the prototype(s) in existence?

"The only thing I absolutely hate about this car is that I have zero chance of ever driving one."

I wonder how it feels to drive this kind of car. What an amazing experience for him!

Cool. Well, guess we all have seen on how fast the McLaren F1 can go, I do wonder though on how good of a feeling it is to be cruising on the road with that kind of car that produces that kind of power and speed. Must be a really thrilling feeling.

Eventhough it’s already 13yrs from now. This movie is still an inspiration to Bugatti.

For sure the driver is suffering from too much stress from the Gravity he receives from the McLaren.

Amazing speed! Watching it does gives me some chill. For it’s much more fun if you’re actually on the driver’s seat.

Awesome piece of history, thank you for posting it.

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