Video: Is this the 1,400-Horsepower 9ff GT9 VMax?

We admit to not being too in-tune with the Essen Motor Show because, in addition to it coinciding with the Los Angeles Auto Show, the event is also held in Essen, Germany, which is a rather large pond away from America.

Having said that, we never fail to keep our eyes and ears open in regards to cars that are scheduled to be at Essen. One of the car’s we have kept close tabs on is the Porsche 911 GT9 VMax by noted Porsche tuner 9ff . Now, we’ve seen 9ff’s GT9 VMax programs in the past, but this one is different because its 4.2-liter Biturbo Boxer engine supposedly packs a whopping 1,400 horsepower and 855 pound-feet of torque.

Staggering as those numbers are, the 9ff-supercar also carries insane time trials, including 0 to 62 mph in just 3.1 seconds, 0 to 124 mph in 6.8 seconds, and 0 to 186 mph in 13 seconds. If its acceleration is not enough for you, its nauseating 271 mph top speed sure will be.

The 1,400-horsepower GT9 VMax is expected to make its world debut at the 2012 Essen Motor Show, automatically making it one of the most hotly anticipated supercars to take center stage at Europe’s aftermarket auto show.


i think you are just saying that the grapes are sour just because you can’t get to them. it is a great car, and that is a fact.

the sound and feel of a v8 engine do not compare to that boxer engine!

1.400 HP with 855 pounds feet of torque is not muscle enough?

we have it, but it is less popular. we prefer muscle cars!

1400 HP out of a 4.2 liter engine is amazing! why don’t we have that in America?

i think the numbers on this car are staggering indeed. and i bet it is cheaper than most super-cars out there!

that’s what i was trying to say too!

john is right. the achievement of the 9ff is greater because it started as a far cheaper and less performance car!

the veyron took years to design, this is a modified 911! and yet it performs similar to the veyron!

the veyron is faster to 62 MPH, so i guess there is a faster one too!

it is higher than the original veyron’s. but i don’t know if there isn’t a faster one out there.

isn’t the top speed higher than veyron’s?

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