Video: It's not Gymkhana, but it's Ken Block doing yet another drift session

Any time Ken Block is on a video doing some hooning magic, it’s bound to get some serious attention from a lot of folks. The master of Gymkhana has earned that distinction and his latest piece of hoonage is no exception to the attention.

Created by ’The Hoonigans,’ Block finds himself in the final round of the Formula DRIFT 2012 season at the Irwindale Speedway in California. Riding his trusty Ford Fiesta HFHV , Block took to the course and did what he always seems to do better than anybody else: smoke the hell out of those tires.

The stunts aren’t as complicated as any of his Gymkhana videos, but that’s more because of the nature of the track than anything else. Nonetheless, it still makes for an insane drift ride, something Block appeared to have no problem doing as evidenced by the smoke coming out of those tires.

Check out Ken Block and his Fiest HFHV leave a mark on the Irwindale Speedway like only he can.


well, jenny, that was why i stopped. but then again, a porsche is not an ideal drifting car now, is it?

@karla: you sure are brave to have tried that. but you did a good thing by stopping. your dad might not have been so happy have you hit his car.

i once tried drifting in my dad’s porsche, but that didn’t work out well. i stopped before i hit something.

wow, i didn’t even know that a car can be driven like that!

that is one cool video. if my boyfriend drove like that, i’d throw up in just 5 seconds.

i know what this man has for his breakfast: tires. a whole set of them!

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