Video: Jaguar builds the XKR-based GT2 racer in 30 seconds

What goes on in building a race car? That’s a question that’s been asked by curious bees since time immemorial, but since the whole process takes a long time to be documented in detail, Jaguar ’s US-based racing team, Jaguar RSR, was kind enough to show us how they built their XKR-based GT2 racer from the ground up - in a little more than 30 seconds.

While the specific details of the whole process are a little too fast for our liking, the time-lapse video does show us a quick overview of the building process of the car that’s scheduled to compete at this year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans as part of the brand’s 75th anniversary.

Source: Jaguars


A complete movie on how to make a race car but no matter how you modify and tune your car, still it depends on the the driver’s reputation to use the machine.

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