Video: Jay Leno reviews the 1963 Chrysler Turbine

Old or new, Jay Leno has always reviewed some of the most amazing cars offered on the market, and the latest episode of Jay Leno’s Garage show is no exception. He may not have been reviewing a Ferrari or a Lamborghini supercar, this episode is about one of the most unique creations ever produced Stateside.

We are talking about the 1963 Chrysler Turbine, a model limited to only 55 units — 46 of which were destroyed after the project was decommissioned. The car was powered by a JP-4 jet fuel engine that delivered a total of 130 horsepower and was able to get the car to 60 mph in 12 seconds.

Apparently, this is the amazing car Jay Lenos has lusted after since he was 14 years old, so you can imagine that this episode is packed with all kinds of amazing footage: a book review, a road test, and Chrysler’s original promotional video.


a great man and car lover driving a great car!

jay leno is one of the most suited man to have this car!

that jet engine sounds amazing. different, that is for sure. and 22.000 RPM?! WOW!

i would have expected this car to be fast. rather, it is a gentile cruiser.

it is funny when you think this car is rarer than a bugatti veyron!

if that isn’t amazing, i do not know what is!

you do know those afterburners can be controled, don’t you?

afterburners? are you crazy? imagine that at a stop light! you would fry everyone behind you!

i’d love to have this car! if it had afterburner, it would have been great!

now they have jet cars competing in drag races! i think a jet car for daily use is crazy!

is it a plane? NO! it’s a jet car!

it would have been nice to have jet cars these days!

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