Video: Jay Leno reviews the Jeep JK-8 Pickup Red Jacket Edition

Here’s further proof that Jay Leno is testing the coolest cars currently on the market. The latest addition to his well-stocked Garage is a Jeep JK-8 Pickup Red Jacket Edition. As you may recall, Jeep announced the JK-8 Independence last year. It is built on a Wrangler platform and is the perfect car for off-road parties.

That being said, Jay Leno got the chance to test a special version of this car: the Jeep JK-8 Pickup Red Jacket Edition built for Louisiana’s Red Jacket Firearms. The car is painted in candy-apple-red and features over-sized brush guards and 17-inch bead-lock wheels. The JK-8 kit also includes a bed floor, inner/outer body panels, a half hard top (works with Freedom Top panels), and a new bulkhead. For those interested, the Mopar kit costs $5,499, but this is well worth all of the fun this vehicle can provide.


It’s huge wheels got me surprised. This Jeep was an ultimate off-road truck. It was the best. 

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