Video: Jay-Z and Kanye West Kill a Maybach 57 and Then Auction It

With a price tag of more than $340K, the Maybach 57 is definitely a car that will only be driven by some of the richest people in the world. Then again, sometimes some of the richest people in the world shouldn’t be allowed to drive it.

In their latest video, "Otis," rappers Jay-Z and Kanye West have done the unthinkable and destroyed a perfectly good Maybach limousine. No, it wasn’t an accident; these guys did it on purpose. Why? Apparently, they wanted to customize the Maybach for their video. Next time, they should take Otis Redding’s word to heart and Try a Little Tenderness.

Nevertheless, this car is actually getting auctioned off to benefit the East African Drought Disaster, so we hope there are people out there that actually like what these guys have done.


Do they have any automotive knowledge and experience for them to be allowed to sell this? Although it’s for a good cause, the safety of the buyers should be put in mind too. Well, that is, if the buyers are crazy enough to drive this.

I am not watching this video. I averted my eyes so I couldn’t see what these two rappers do on the fully capable Maybach 57. It was annoying, really does. Who will buy that expensive car that turned into a piece of junk?

haha! That was ridiculous. These two rappers are full of fan. I guess, for some time now, the car will be sold.

How you would buy a burnt Maybach?! Unless your a big fan of the Maybach collections. I’d rather buy this Maybach with Kanye West on it.

I wonder if Maybach has something to say about this video? Well, this is really destroying the natural elegance of the car. They are not really a sporty type vehicle.

Oh! They have literally stripped down the Maybach limousine. And convert that one into a supercar with a flaming exhaust. I wonder if this car is using a jet engine?

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