Video: Jeff Zwart gets down and dirty with his record-setting Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Car

Pikes Peak record-holder Jeff Zwart and his record-setting Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car are like kindred spirits, joined together to achieve a greater purpose. We found out exactly what that purpose was when Zwart won and set a new record in the 2WD Time Attack class in last June’s 88th running of the Pikes Peak Hillclimb.

Turns out, even in the off-season, Zwart still has time to take his beloved race car out for a spin – or ten – along the Californian mountains with twists and turns that leads to God-knows-where.

When he’s not behind the wheel shaking down his 911 GT3 Cup car, the multi-titled Pikes Peak veteran – he’s been racing in the event for 12 years on nine different Porsches while winning seven different class championships - spends some time talking about and discussing his deep-seated love for his racer, clearly showing that he and his 911 GT3 Cup are like brothers from two different mothers.


Cyrus Parca, You’ve got a point here. I haven’t seen the video. Maybe I should watch it today and find out.

That being said I also love the Pikes Peak races and Rally races like the WRC. I still don’t quite understand drifting. I understand the car control it requires but it still seems like motorsport to me!

I still think that non-wing sprint cars on dirt are some of the coolest racing you can watch today.

There’s also a good write-up on Jeff at today’s Autoextremist, in the Fumes column, by Peter De Lorenzo, a former colleague of Jeff’s on Pontiac’s ad account in the ’80s:

dang why would you drive an expensive and super car like this on dirt? I can have 3 japanese Rally breath car with the GT3’s price.

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