Video: Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton star in McLaren's animation short 'Tooned'

McLaren has proved to be one of the more marketing savvy teams in the F1 grid these days.

Their latest venture, an animation short starring Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton , is another home run in our books.

Titled "Tooned," the animated short series made its debut at the British Grand Prix on Sky Sports F1 last weekend. In this episode, Button, Hamilton, and Professor M - think McLaren’s version of a quirky scientist - all go to McLaren’s underground testing circuit to give the new McLaren F1 car a testing shakedown.

Button proceeds to win the coin toss to get first dibs on the car, but true to Hamilton’s always competitive nature, he somehow commandeers a rocket-powered F1 prototype to race Button in what turned out to be an "explosive" race. Not content with the finish, the two then proceed to use the "super-soft" tires to bound their way to the finish line, much to the chagrin of the clearly perturbed Professor M.

It’s a funny video that shows the lighter side of the McLaren F1 team. Well worth your time to check out!

Source: You Tube


Only kids will love this stuff.

It’s too childish to watch that video, though I have fun.

I’m just loving watching it, but of course that is an exaggeration.

This toon is just full of exaggeration to me, maybe it’s for kids only.

What are their choices aside from using soft-tires?

I think I like to go on their testing center. I want to see the McLaren on their test run.

@SmokingTires: I agree. They have to make it real, to have us the flabbergast in this McLaren.

I like the idea of using cartoon character to show us what is happening in F1.

That video is suitable for all kids because of animation, and the entertainment that it gives.

That video exaggeratedly presented the McLaren. Their testing center seems good, and I know that there is a testing area in their facility.

Entertainment is the purpose of this toon right? There’s no such speed existing as of now.

It’s much better if they prove that they can make that test in real.

I hope its for real and not for entertainment only.

Whatever McLaren is up to. We must wait for it.

A very funny video and definitely kids will love this.

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