Video: Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton take their shot in assembling a Formula One car

For those of you who think that a Formula One mechanic’s job isn’t all that important, you might want to spend the next three minutes watching this hilarious video of McLaren drivers Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton - two world champions, no less - trying to assemble a McLaren F1 car without the help of their trusty mechanics. Sound easy? Guess again.

How ironic is it that the two men tasked to race these cars can’t even get to finish assembling them without a few minor mishaps and a number of calls to their mechanics asking for some pointers. The video is a commercial done by the team’s principal sponsor, Vodafone, to show just how important it is to establish a good network, not just between members of the team, but apparently, with members of the sponsors as well.

For what it’s worth, though, it’s a pretty funny video to watch because it sure looks like these two race car drivers are in over their heads and have no clue as to how to assemble the cars they drive. Sure, they managed to piece everything together, but Lord knows if they did it exactly the way they should.

Source: Vodafone


haha..i can’t imagine of that two are going to do the same in their actual game..the job of the mechanics is not that easy as it looks... but they look serious on what they are doing..and they manage to finish the whole thing all by their self..nice video..

It’s obvious that the two drivers get along quite well and have fun. The ending is very funny. Kudos, but, as you say James, it’s not at all clear what the tie-in to VodAfone is. Regardless, it’s fun to watch.

Nice work, but not that impressive because they call some assistant.

I doubt about it. I think they just bored in the shop that’s why they take shot to build a formula one.

i guess they tested their knowledge in build the car they usually drive.

hahaha i guess they want to learn more and become independent on assembling a F1 car.

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