Video: Jimmie Johnson's Anything with an Engine

NASCAR fans everywhere know the name Jimmie Johnson rather well, but for those that don’t, Johnson is an American NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race car driver. He currently drives for Hendrick Motorsports and is preparing his Panamera Hybrid for competition . And as if that wasn’t enough, the race car driver has also taken time to develop a new kart game: "Anything with an Engine."

This isn’t your usual NASCAR game, but the title is rather explicative of what the idea behind it is. The fun little kart game allows gamers to drive anything with an engine and provides an arsenal of weapons to help the racer get to the finish line. Boost, missiles, and land mines, among other things, are used to take out the other players in the best of three rounds and players can even get creative with a slew of characters and crazy colors to personalize their driving experience.

Jimmie Johnson’s "Anything with an Engine" is expected to be released later in the summer of 2011 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii. We’ll pass along more details as soon as they become available.


I have seen a few clips of the game, and it actually looks pretty decent to me. Though I would say that there is not really a lot of original material in it that haven’t been tried in other games already.

The whole game actually reminds me of the Twisted Metal series. But this one actually looks fun, with all the racing theme that goes on here.

Even though this one is not really a straightforward racing game, it would still be a rather great game to play. It would really be fun to just beat the hell out of your friends while you cross that finish line.

It’s like Crashed Bandicot game. But this kind of game are exciting game unlike the Old Crashed bandicot. The weapons of all the cars and all the loots in the ways are unique. It’s so nice to see this game. I want to play this game some of a day.

Well, I really am not surprised that they have added such elements to the game. After all, this one is not really a serious racing game, but more of an adventure game. Looks fun though.

This is a great game! If Jimmie plans to release it, I think players can have a dirty rough game. I can’t imagine a trash can with an engine can race! It’s definitely fun.

That one is a rather unique title that they have selected. But the whole game somewhat feels a bit like Crash Team Racing. I wonder what they would do to make this one stand out.

Anything with an Engine,would be a game for one time only. That once you are done with it then no more reason to play it again!Sorry guys but that’s how i figured it out.

hmm. I think this game is not appropriate for young player for there are some part that teaches violence. Well, I think its a deal here to make the car more exciting.

Well, I guess this is not your typical NASCAR car racing. This game contains scene not applicable for children. I don’t get why there’s a missile and arsenal weapon here. I prefer they choose more of a typical race than a violent one.

Oh thank you for introducing Jimmi Johnson on this page. I know that this game will be played by some of his fans. So better check out this summer.

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