Video: Journalist crashes Ferrari FF

British magazine, CAR, was recently invited to test drive the new Ferrari FF and whether fans of the strange Ferrari or not, the journalists were probably just thrilled with the opportunity. The only problem was that the journalist chosen to complete the test drive ran into a slight problem when unexpectedly greeted by the curb. Ouch! His reaction to the situation is actually pretty funny, but please excuse us for his language, although it is quite understandable given his situation.

Remember to give the guy a break, Ferrari ! After all, these things do happen.

As a reminder, the FF is powered by a 6,262 cc direct injection V12 engine that delivers an impressive 660 HP at 8,000 rpm and a peak torque of 503 lbs-ft 6,000 rpm. With this impressive power, the FF will sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds and will hit a top speed of 208 mph.


LMAO! In a car like this with a lot of Power, you must keep your hands on the wheel and Pay Attention to the road! Speed on a racetrack, dummy!

Funny? Messing up with Ferrari, even a slight scratch will bring a heart attack to the driver. And poor guy is just test driving, and anyone can understand his reaction in such a situation. Oh God!!

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