Video: Ken Block crashes in 2010 Mexico Rally

Ken Block’s 2010 World Rally Championship season at the Rally Mexico got off to an impressive start – that is until, it ended sooner than he and co-pilot Alex Gelsomino would have liked.

Block and Gelsomino ended up crashing out of the race when he shot wide on one of the gravel corners forcing his Rally Ford Fiesta into getting beached at a slightly awkward tilted position. It was a disappointing end to an otherwise impressive race, one where Block was consistently in the top 10 and moving in and out of the top 5 until his slight miscalculation.

Afterwards, Block admitted that the crash was his fault, attributing to a rookie mistake of slightly miscalculating the braking into the tight corner and realizing his blunder just a tad too late. While we’re a little disappointed too, we’re going to give Block a little benefit of the doubt and hope that he puts this ‘rookie mistake’ to good use and doesn’t do it again.

Check out the video and watch how Ken Block’s Rally Mexico race ended prematurely.


He is good for WRC and rally interest in the US and I am also disappointed that there are no quality wallpaper pics of his MWRT Focus in action.

If you are a determined WRC fan in the US it is pretty easy to follow what is going on. During every rally broadcasts live on their own World Rally Radio during each day of competition. They briefly interview drivers after stages so you get an insight into what their run was like and you can get live results and stage splits from as well. There is a user on youtube that is uploading the daily coverage videos that are produced by One North.

@BrianHerron - we can’t blame people for their mistakes, It’s just a choice. Ken just want to grow more. making himself stucked on subaru wont help. a professional car driver should test his limits on other cars also.

Whoa, well, the video seems to suggest that it’s somehow downhill, he must have braked too hard for the wheels to turn and slide the way he wanted it to. Well anyways, lucky for him it’s not that bad of a crash. If there were any damage, I’m sure that it is nothing that can be fixed overnight.

@ Uncia - I agree with you, he’s much more successful in Subaru than ford, i think the reason why he slip it’s because the fiesta’s weight.

that was an unlucky race for Ken, well you can see how hard the impact is, it even destroy the front stabilizer.

I blame Ford. He should have stuck with Subaru.

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